The Caucasian and North African French Faces (CaNAFF): A Face Database



In France, when studying intergroup relations between ethnicities, one usually contrasts Caucasian and North African individuals. Despite the presence of a large number of face databases in the literature, none of them contains Caucasian and North African faces similar to faces we can find in a usual French environment. To overcome this problem, we propose a new database: the Caucasian and North African French Faces (CaNAFF).

The database

147 individuals, scattered on prototypicality across the Caucasian/North African continuum, have been photographed. These individuals displayed a neutral emotional expression and photos were taken under three eye gaze directions (right, frontal, and left), resulting in a total of 441 photos.

Terms of use

  1. The database photos may be used free of charge for scientific and academic research purposes only (no commercial or private use).
  2. No attempts may be made to identify or contact the individuals depicted in the database (including the use of facial recognition software).
  3. Projects using the CaNAFF database must cite : …

Courset, R., Rougier, M., Palluel-Germain, R., Smeding, A., Jonte, J. M., Chauvin, A., & Muller, D. (2018). The caucasian and north african french faces (CaNAFF): A face database. International Review of Social Psychology, 31(1). Access to the article

Please, be aware that the CaNAFF database is protected by a Creative Commons licence (more informations in the License).

Access to the database

  1. Download the license (Pdf or Word) and sign it (principal investigator or supervisor)
  2. Fill out this form :


Dominique Muller