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Sparacio Alessandro
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I am Alessandro Sparacio and I joined LIP/PC2S to do a PhD with Hans IJzerman. I have earned my master in Social and Occupational Psychology with honors at the university of Milano-Bicocca. My master’s thesis focused on studying how people interact with each other when they are immersed in a virtual environment, emphasizing social exclusion and ostracism. 

The focus of the PhD, I started in Grenoble, will be in shedding light into stress regulation processes.I will examine the evidential value of various stress regulation practices to better explain when and why these stress regulation practices are beneficial for people’s well-being. During the first part of the PhD I will conduct a meta-analysis on existing work. During the second part of the PhD (that will be held at the University of Swansea) I will test the potential mechanisms in a confirmatory test through a Randomized Controlled Trial. The combination of these techniques will provide an answer to which stress regulation practices are most efficacious.