Hagl Maria

Hagl Maria


Thesis supervisors

  • Prof. Dongo Rémi Kouabenan, LIP (RAC)
  • Prof. Denis Jongmans (ISTerre)
  • Prof. Philippe Schoeneich (Pacte)

PhD Project

I currently work on Testimonies, Risk Perception & Management of Landslide Hazards. The first aim of my thesis is to associate knowledge of lay- and expert stakeholders about landslide hazards. In a second step, it aims at developing a participative approach to deal with specific landslide risks implying the local population, technical experts and decision-makers.

Further research interests

The way technology changes work- and life environments sparked my interest for Human Factors. I enjoy working on how HCI can be developed to use technology progressively, i.e. to make activities more comfortable, efficient and sustainable. I am particularly interested in serious gaming, intelligent -transport systems, -work environments, -farming, AR and VR.

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