Workshop on Simulation for Linear Mixed Models

A Lisa DeBruine’s (online) workshop on simulation for linear mixed models, which is a very relevant workshop if you want to do power analysis for more complicated designs. She will focus on her package faux.

In the morning, she will give a general introduction to simulation with faux. After lunch, she will work with us on simulation for linear mixed models and binomial dependent variables. Lisa indicated that you will need to have some basic knowledge of R to participate (i.e., you will need to understand how to set up an Rmd script, know how to install packages, and know how to run code chunks). If you don’t know yet how to do so, you can complete Chapter 1 of her course (available here in French). It is quite manageable to do before the workshop, so I highly encourage you to do so if you think you want to learn more complicated power analyses.

She did also suggest to complete Chapters 1 – 3 to maximize what you learn in the morning and until Chapter 7 to maximize what you learn in the afternoon (but this is certainly not required).

The meeting will take place via Zoom via this link. If you want to participate, I kindly ask you to sign up via this survey (which will also ask you some questions that will help Lisa better adjust the workshop to our needs).