Séminaire – Michelle LIM

Quand :
21 avril 2023 @ 10 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
Où :
salle Annie Génovèse du Bâtiment Michel Dubois

Titre : Understanding loneliness in mental health: how does psychotic disorders differ?

Loneliness in mental health – A closer look in people with psychotic disorders

It is well-known that loneliness leads to poorer mental health outcomes in our community. However, loneliness is also associated with mental health disorders, including social anxiety disorder and depression.

Much of the research on loneliness has been limited to high prevalence mental health disorders – and little has been done in people with psychotic disorders. I will discuss how loneliness can be a feasible targeted in treatment and treatment approaches that show potential. Although people with psychosis identify loneliness as one of their top challenge to address, in addition to employment and financial problems, loneliness is rarely targeted by clinicians. I will discuss the additional factors in which people with psychosis may face – and what we have to do in mental health service delivery to better address loneliness in people with mental health disorders.