Séminaire – Massimiliano ORRI

Quand :
2 avril 2021 @ 15 h 00 min – 17 h 00 min

Dysrégulation émotionnelle et irritabilité à l’enfance, et comportements suicidaires à l’adolescence et chez le jeune adulte. Présentation des déterminants et stratégies de prévention

Suicidal ideation and suicide attempt (suicidality) are common in adolescence and a public health concern. Childhood depression is a key risk factor for later suicidality and often co-occurs with irritability. No study to date has examined the joint association of depressive mood and irritability during childhood with later suicidality. Childrenwithhighirritabilityanddepressive/anxiousmood and, to a lesser extent, with moderate irritability only had a higher suicidal risk during adolescence compared with children with low symptom levels. Early manifestation of chronic irritability during childhood, especially when combined with depressive/anxious mood, maybe associated with an elevated risk for adolescent suicidality. The putatively causal role of irritability should be investigated.